Easily install the Iris/Focus Motor on the ATOM cameras. You connect the Motor to the ATOM camera and can control it over the RCP or our free software.

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Underwater housing ATOM one 4K mini 7

Dimensions: 48x48x185

Weight: ca. 400g (without camera)

Material: Anodized Aluminum


Mounting points: 4 x ¼”-20 UNC, 8 x M3

Lenses: M12, C-Mount lenses (max diameter: 35, max length: 20mm)

Only for the Atom one 4K mini 7/11/16

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Enable your Sony Controller for the ATOM one cameras. Connect the ATOM camera to Sony RCP throu the WicoATOM box and use all the funtionalty like every other Sony broadcast cameras

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The Cy-RCP is a universal remote control panel compatible with the ATOM cameras.

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Skaarhoj - RCPv2

Use this universal RCP regardless of which camera brand you shade! With the motorized fader option you have the perfect multi camera RCP.

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BR Remote - Remote Camera Panel Mk3

This Remote Camera Panel fits into a standard engineering desk with recessed connectors on the underside.  It is available in 2 variants: with a standard joystick type control or with a continuous wheel control.

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The Omnicam4Sky universal remote camera control panel provides remote control for a range of broadcast cameras.

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Incam OCP-20

Universal Wireless Camera Control System is a user-friendly designed system to solve the bottleneck of remote wireless camera control transmission, especially cover the complex wireless application site.

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Power and RS485 Connector

The power connector is a Hirose male HR10 6 pin connector on the one side and on the other side a  Power ITT Male M-XL-3-12L and a RS485 ITT Female M-XL-3-11L

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DCT Power Supply

Power cable to ITT Female M-XL-3-11L

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RS485 to USB

By using a RS485 to USB converter the Windows ProVideo software can be used to configure the camera with an easy to use GUI. All commands are text based. Details can be found in the “ATOM one – Reference Manual”.

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DCT SDI to SDI cable

Mini HDSDI to HDSDI cable

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